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Doolin Bio

David M. Doolin:

David M. Doolin took his Ph.D. from University of California, Berkeley at 2002 investigating the mathematical structure and numerical accuracy of discontinuous deformation analysis with Prof. Sitar as his advisor. One of his main interests at present is developing a freely available reference implementation of DDA to illustrate the fundamental principles of the method. Dr. Doolin is currently serving as Chief Technical Officer for SensorNet, Inc. a San Francisco Bay-area startup developing wireless sensor network systems.

Roozbeh Grayeli:

Roozbeh Grayeli earned a bachelor degree in Mining Engineering from Poly-technique University in Iran and entered University of Tehran as the top student for M.Sc. degree in rock mechanics. The title of his thesis is Load distribution along fully grouted cable bolts in discontinuous rock masses using DDA method. He is currently interested in extending DDA for more accurate assessment of deformation in both 2D and 3D analysis. Roozbeh entered to University of Oklahoma (OU) as a PhD student from August 2007 and working on soil slope improvement using geosynthetics, for more information see: